One day, there was an old woman who lived alone. She was very sad over her fate. The old woman continued to hope and pray that she wanted a child. Then a little fairy heard the old woman’s prayer. She came to the old woman, “Why do you want a child?” asked the elf. The old woman was surprised by the arrival of the fairies. “I would be very happy if I have a small child” replied the old woman. Hearing that answer, the fairy gave her a flower seed. “Plant these seeds in a flower pot!” the fairy Commanded. “Thank you for your kindness!” She replied. After giving her the seed, the fairy left her alone.

She planted the seed immediately after the fairy left. She always took care of the seed till grow into a beautiful flowering plants. When the flowers bloomed, she saw a little girl in it. The girl was very small even its size almost equal to the size of her thumb. The old lady was very pleased and gave her the name of Thumbelina. Afterwards she made Thumbelina a bed from the shells and dried leaves as a blanket.
On one night, as she lay in his bed, a big ugly frog came to her. The toad crept through a broken glass of window. “O beautiful girl! Will you be my son’s wife?” said the frog. Then the frog carried the shells along with Thumbelina who was sleeping in it. Then she jumped through the window into the garden.

Thumbelina was taken by frog to a flower garden. The toad lived with her son even worse than his mother. Her children was shocked to see what her mom brought, “krook Krokk what did you bring mom?”, “I brought a girl to be your wife!” His mother answered. Then her children felt in love with Thumbelina. When Thumbelina woke up, she was surprised she was not at home. “Where I am, who are you?” Thumbelina asked. “You will be my wife korokk Krook!” The frog said. Thumbelina felt very sad and she begged to be released but the frog rejected. When the frog was asleep, she run away to escape.

Thumbelina feel sad. She cried along a snowy road. When she was crying, a swallow came to her. “Why are you sad?” The swallow asked. “I had been kidnapped and did not know where to go” said Thumbelina. The bird felt sad to see what Thumbelina suffer. Then he helped Thumbelina, “come along with me to my country, there is warmer than here” invite swallow. Thumbelina was willing to go with him. Thumbelina then climbed up to swallow’s body. After that, he took Thumbelina away to the place of his origins.

They flew across the ocean. And then they arrived in a warm area. The swallow said, “This is my house. You can stay in one of the largest and most beautiful flowers in this place.” When Thumbelina entered the house, she found a small handsome elf. He is the son of the king of flowers. The little elf fell in love with Thumbelina. He asked her to marry him. Thumbelina eventually become queen of flowers and they lived happily ever after.

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