The honest boy

Once upon a time, there was an old king who was very sad because he did not have a boy as a successor to his throne. The king finally decided to adopt a son who will be a prince. Then the king held an announcement to all the boys in his kingdom that he was looking for someone to be adopted as his son. All the boys in the country got together to meet the king. The king became confused because there were many boys proposed themselves as a potential prince. Then he thought so hard to find the boy who deserves to be a prince. Finally, the king got an idea. He distributed seeds to all the boys. Then he said that anyone who could grow the seeds into beautiful flowers would become the prince.

All the boys in the country planted and cared the seeds carefully. Including a boy named Yong Tu, he planted that seed well. He also watered and gave fertilizer to the seed every day. But after some time, he wondered why the seed didn’t grow into a plant. He was almost disappointed at the condition. One of his friends named Park Ha came and asked, “Why do not your seeds grow into a plant?” “I do not know. I had taken care of the seed well.” Answer Yong Tu. Park Ha mocked him and showed his seed that grows into a beautiful flower. “Mine has grown and has a beautiful flower. I will be the successor of this kingdom “said Park Ha with arrogant.

Shortly after that, the election of the prince arrived. All the boys in the country lined up and wore their best clothes. They also carried pots containing plant with beautiful flowers. Then the king approached them one by one to choose his successor candidate. But the king was very sad when he saw all the boys brought plants with beautiful flowers. When he almost disappointed, the king saw a boy in the back row, holding an empty flower pots.

The king approached the boy and asked, “Why are you carrying a pot that no plant flowers?” “I maintain the seed that I sowed every day, but it did not germinate at all.” The boy replied and cried. Then the king smiled at him. “This is my adopted son who will be a prince” said the king to the people. All the boys were shocked. They asked the king, “Why did my lord choose the boy without flower? Did not you want a child who can grow the most beautiful flower? “

“I shared you the seed that has been boiled. Those seeds should not grow into plants. “The king answered. They were all embarrassed with the king. In fact, the king didn’t want the boy who could grow the most beautiful flowers. He chose someone who is honest. All the boys in the country replaced the seeds given by the king to another seeds. However Yong Tu didn’t do that because he was honest. Therefore the king chose him as the prince.