The Golden Goose


The young man quickly went into the forest. He thought, “If anyone can help me, it is the gray old man with his magic.” When he arrived at the place where he had cut down the old tree, he met a man with a very sad face.

The young man asked him why he looked so sad.

“Oh,” he said, “I am very very thirsty and nothing seems able to quench it. And I cannot simply drink cold water. I have already emptied a cask of wine, but it was just like a drop of water on a hot stone.”

“I can help you,” said the young man. “Come with me, and you shall have your fill, I promise you.”

Upon this he led the man into the king’s wine storage, where he opened the casks one after another, and drank and drank till his back ached. Before the end of the day he had quite emptied the king’s wine storage.

Again the young man asked for his bride. But the king did not like the thought of giving his daughter to such a common fellow. To get rid of the young man he made another condition. The king said that to marry his daughter, first he must find someone that’s able to eat up a whole mountain of bread.