The Golden Goose


Most people who saw the young man and the three girls thought that it was inappropriate for the girls to run after a young man like that. But when they tried to stop the three girls, four of them also got magically stuck. When the young man finally arrived in a city, he got seven people attached to his golden goose.

The city was ruled by a king who had a daughter who seemed to be sad all the time.  No one could make her laugh. That is why the king issued a decree that whoever would make the princess laugh should have her in marriage.

When the young man heard this, he ran in front of the princess, and the whole seven attached to his golden goose followed after him. The sight was so ridiculous that the moment the princess saw it she burst into a violent fit of laughter and they thought she would never stop.

After this, the young man went to the king. He demanded his daughter in marriage. But the king did not quite like to have the young man for a son-in-law. So the king said that, before he could marry his daughter, the young man must bring him a man who could drink all the wine in the king’s storage.