The Golden Goose


“Ah,” thought the eldest daughter, “Soon I will have an opportunity to pluck one feather.” After the young man left the room, the eldest daughter quickly approached the bird and took hold of its wing to pluck one feather. But then, her finger and thumb got stuck and she could not set herself free. Minutes later the second sister came in. She also wanted to get a golden feather. But when she touched her sister to move her from the goose, her hand got stuck to her sister’s dress. Neither of them could free herself. Minutes later, the third sister came with the same intention, to pluck a golden feather. “No, keep away, keep away!” screamed the other two. “Don’t do it, and keep away!”

The youngest daughter did not understand why she should keep away. So she touched her second sister, and immediately got stuck. They could not free themselves so they all had to remain by the goose all night.

In the morning the young man came in, and took the golden goose. He simply went away. He did not even care about the three girls, who were following close behind him. And because the young man walked very quickly, the three girls had to run one behind the other, because they are magically stuck to the golden goose.