The Golden Goose


So they seated themselves. When the young man opened his basket, he was really surprised. The badly made cake had been turned into a beautiful delicious cake. And the bottle of water turned into wine. After they had eaten and drank, the old man said to him: “Thank you. Because you have been very kind, and shared your dinner with me, I will make you very lucky in the future. There is an old tree in the forest. Cut the tree down, and you will find something good at the root.” Then, the old man left him.

The young man set to work. After succeeded in felling the old tree, he found a goose, sitting at the roots. It was not an ordinary goose. The goose’s feathers were of pure gold. He took the goose, and, instead of going home immediately, he carried it with him to an inn nearby, where he was going to pass the night.

The owner of the inn had three daughters. They looked at the golden goose enviously. They had never seen such a wonderful goose. They all wanted to have at least one of its golden feathers.