The Golden Goose


He walked on, leaving the old man standing in the road. His punishment came soon after that. Somehow he hit his leg with his axe, got terribly injured, and went home in great pain.

The youngest son said to his father, “Let me go to the forest to cut wood.”

But his father replied: “No. Your smart brothers have been hurt already. It would surely be worse for you, who have no experience in wood-cutting.”

But the youngest son begged so hard to his father to be allowed to go to the forest. His father finally said : “Fine, go to the forest to cut wood. But don’t blame me if something bad happened to you.”

Unlike what she prepared for his older brothers, the mother only prepared a badly made cake, and a bottle of water.

When the youngest son reached the wood, the same old man met him. Just like before, the old man said: “Please give me some food and water from your bottle. I am very hungry and thirsty.”

“Oh,” replied the youngest son, “But I only have a badly made cake, which has been baked in the ashes, and a bottle of water. But let’s sit down, and eat and drink together.”