The Golden Goose

There was a man who had three sons. Most people consider his youngest son very silly, and they often mock and make fun of him. One day the eldest son was going to the forest to cut wood. Before he left, his mother prepared delicious pancakes and a bottle of wine for his journey, so he will not suffer from hunger or thirst.

When the eldest son entered the forest, he met a gray old man. The old man greeted him politely. “Good-morning,” said the old man. “Please give me some food and something to drink, because I am very hungry and thirsty.”

The clever son replied: “No. If I give you my cake and wine, I will not have any for myself. So go away!” He left the man standing and went on.

The eldest son began cutting down a tree. But then, somehow he made a false stroke. His axe slipped and cut his arm so badly. He had no other choice than to go home and have his injury taken care of.

The following day, the second son also wanted to go into the forest to cut wood. So his mother gave him a delicious cake and a bottle of wine. When he entered the wood, he met the same old man. The old man begged for a little piece of cake and some wine because he was hungry and thirsty. The second son answered very rudely: “No. I want these for myself, so go away!”