Long time ago there lived a married couple. They were very lonely because they did not have children who accompanied them. Every day the couple prayed to god to be given a child. Until one day his wife was pregnant. Her husband was very happy and the days they turned into happiness. One day his wife fell ill. She suffered a strange illness. So many times, her husband treated her but she was still sick. The husband also confused his wife was getting worse. Even she did not want to eat and drink. “You have to eat a lot so that our children healthy!” said her husband. “I cannot eat any food” replied his wife.

The husband thought that deep in the forest there was a magical flower that can cure all diseases guarded by a witch. Because of his love for his wife, he went to the forest. After arriving in the woods, he crept to take the flowers. When she was picking the flowers that were in the midst of garden, the witch knew. She was furious and wanted to kill him. “Please do not kill me. My pregnant wife was sick. If I did not give this magical flower she and my baby will die “the husband said. Finally the witch let him go, but with one condition when the baby was born, he had to give the baby. Without thinking, her husband agreed.

When he got home, he gave the magic flower to his wife. Then his wife’s illness miraculously disappeared and she born a beautiful baby. When the baby was born, the witch came. She robbed the baby and took him away. They could not do anything about it.

The witch was holding their baby at a very high tower with no doors. The tower only has a window in it. Witch was raising the child in the tower and named her Rapunzel. Rapunzel grew into a beautiful girl. Her hair which was never cut became very long. The witch was always coming to the tower to bring food. She always called him from below, “Rapunzel let your hair down”. She used her hair as a rope to climb the tall tower.

Rapunzel stayed on top of the tower alone even she never saw human except that witch. She had a very beautiful voice so that her days were spent to sing. One day, a handsome prince passed the tower. He heard Rapunzel singing so beautifully. He fell in love with her voice. The prince came to the tower every day to hear Rapunzel sing. One day, the prince saw a witch climbed the tower using Rapunzel hair.

The next day, the prince tried to climb the tower. She called Rapunzel. “Rapunzel let down your hair” he said. The prince climbed to the top of the tower. Having reached the top, Rapunzel surprised that the one who came is not witch but others. They both met each other until they become lovers. The prince told everything to Rapunzel and Invited Rapunzel to escape. However, when they wanted to escape, the wicked witch came and pushed the prince of the top tower so that he was blind.

The witch was very angry. She cut Rapunzel’s hair and discarded her into the faraway desert. The prince who was blind looked for Rapunzel for years. He walked alone and finally reached the desert. One day, he heard a voice he knew singing. The prince realized that it was the voice of Rapunzel. Eventually they both met again. They hugged and cried with joy until Rapunzel’s tears fell to the eye of prince. Then the prince got his sight back. Afterwards the prince brought Rapunzel to his kingdom and they lived happily ever after.