In an area called Edwardian in London lived Wendy Darling with her two younger brothers. Their parent Left them in a house care belonging to the lady Nana. On a night when Mrs. Nana was away, Wendy Darling awakened by a strange sound. Then she ran toward the sound. She saw a boy named Peter Pan. Wendy was surprised and asked him, “What are you doing here?” “I’m looking for my shadow” Peter replied. Finally Wendy helped peter to look for his shadow. After finding the shadow, Wendy was sewing Peter’s shadow to stick on as before. Finally Peter Pan got its shadow back. He thanked to Wendy and promised to visit her again.

After a few days, Peter Pan returned to visit Wendy. He was accompanied by a jealous little fairy named Tinker Bell. Wendy was very happy; she introduced them both to her younger brother. Peter Pan told them all about Neverland, a world full of wonders. He also would like to invite them to go and stay at Neverland. Wendy and her brother were happy about that invitation. They also agreed to go.

“Before you go you have to learn to fly first” asked Peter Pan. Wendy Darling and her brother were confused because they did not know how to fly. Then Tinker bell was helping them. She sprinkled magic dust toward Wendy and her brother. Finally, the three of them can fly. With the help of Peter pan, they came out of the window of the house to Neverland.

Wendy and her brothers stayed for a few weeks at Neverland. They lived with a bunch of missing children. They were children who were lost and never found again. There Wendy and her brothers played happily with them. The Lost Children asked Wendy to be their mother. Wendy could not refuse the request. Afterward, she became their caregivers. Wendy always tells a story to them before going to bed.

An evil pirate named captain hook looking for the presence of Peter Pan and the lost children. Captain hook is their enemy in Neverland. He was revenge against Peter Pan because he already cut his hand and gave it to crocodiles. The crocodile ate that hand and a clock belonging to captain hook. The clock kept ringing in the belly of the crocodile. That crocodile continued to follow him hook it continues wherever he went. For months, captain hooks looked for their hiding place. After a long time, he finally discovered the hiding place. Then he began to make plans to catch them.

After so long cared by Wendy Darling, the lost children began to feel nostalgic with a real family. Wendy also invited them all to stay with her in real world. They were very happy and wanted to go with Wendy. Eventually they all asked Peter Pan to let them go into the real world. At first Peter Pan refused, but after they forced he allowed them. He asked Tinker Bell to make way to real world. Wendy also invited Peter Pan to go, “Come with us!” “No I will not ever go out of this world and become adult” said Peter Pan. He was going to leave them.

When Wendy and the lost children were about to go to the real world, captain hook was coming. He kidnapped them to his ship. Tinker Bell who survived told Peter Pan, “Peter, Wendy and the others have been kidnapped by Captain Hook!” Tinker Bell said. Peter Pan was shocked, “I have to save them!” said Peter Pan.

Peter Pan flew very quickly into a pirate ship to save them. Above the ships, Peter Pan saw they were tied. With its intelligence, Peter Pan made a sound like a clock rang. The sound made the whole crew frightened. They thought that it was crocodile who wanted to attack them anymore. One by one, the crew went to jump into the water. Then Peter pan jumped on board to attack remain crew. Finally Peter Pan managed to release Wendy and the lost children. Realizing he had been duped, captain hooks out and attacked Peter Pan. Then fierce battle happened between them. They were clashing their swords on board. Peter Pan pushed captain hook fell into the sea and then captain hook eaten by a crocodile that was waiting for him in the sea. Finally they all survived from captain hook.

The missing children changed their minds. They wanted to stay in Neverland with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Then Peter Pan was escorted Wendy and her brothers returned to the real world. Once safely home, Wendy asked Peter Pan to stay with them. But Peter Pan still rejected it. He promised to visit Wendy again someday.