One day, there was an old woman who lived alone. She was very sad over her fate. The old woman continued to hope and pray that she wanted a child. Then a little fairy heard the old woman’s prayer. She came to the old woman, “Why do you want a child?” asked the elf. The old woman was surprised by the arrival of the fairies. “I would be very happy if I have a small child” replied the old woman. Hearing that answer, the fairy gave her a flower seed. “Plant these seeds in a flower pot!” the fairy Commanded. “Thank you for your kindness!” She replied. After giving her the seed, the fairy left her alone.

She planted the seed immediately after the fairy left. She always took care of the seed till grow into a beautiful flowering plants. When the flowers bloomed, she saw a little girl in it. The girl was very small even its size almost equal to the size of her thumb. The old lady was very pleased and gave her the name of Thumbelina. Afterwards she made Thumbelina a bed from the shells and dried leaves as a blanket.
On one night, as she lay in his bed, a big ugly frog came to her. The toad crept through a broken glass of window. “O beautiful girl! Will you be my son’s wife?” said the frog. Then the frog carried the shells along with Thumbelina who was sleeping in it. Then she jumped through the window into the garden.

Thumbelina was taken by frog to a flower garden. The toad lived with her son even worse than his mother. Her children was shocked to see what her mom brought, “krook Krokk what did you bring mom?”, “I brought a girl to be your wife!” His mother answered. Then her children felt in love with Thumbelina. When Thumbelina woke up, she was surprised she was not at home. “Where I am, who are you?” Thumbelina asked. “You will be my wife korokk Krook!” The frog said. Thumbelina felt very sad and she begged to be released but the frog rejected. When the frog was asleep, she run away to escape.

Thumbelina feel sad. She cried along a snowy road. When she was crying, a swallow came to her. “Why are you sad?” The swallow asked. “I had been kidnapped and did not know where to go” said Thumbelina. The bird felt sad to see what Thumbelina suffer. Then he helped Thumbelina, “come along with me to my country, there is warmer than here” invite swallow. Thumbelina was willing to go with him. Thumbelina then climbed up to swallow’s body. After that, he took Thumbelina away to the place of his origins.

They flew across the ocean. And then they arrived in a warm area. The swallow said, “This is my house. You can stay in one of the largest and most beautiful flowers in this place.” When Thumbelina entered the house, she found a small handsome elf. He is the son of the king of flowers. The little elf fell in love with Thumbelina. He asked her to marry him. Thumbelina eventually become queen of flowers and they lived happily ever after.

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In an area called Edwardian in London lived Wendy Darling with her two younger brothers. Their parent Left them in a house care belonging to the lady Nana. On a night when Mrs. Nana was away, Wendy Darling awakened by a strange sound. Then she ran toward the sound. She saw a boy named Peter Pan. Wendy was surprised and asked him, “What are you doing here?” “I’m looking for my shadow” Peter replied. Finally Wendy helped peter to look for his shadow. After finding the shadow, Wendy was sewing Peter’s shadow to stick on as before. Finally Peter Pan got its shadow back. He thanked to Wendy and promised to visit her again.

After a few days, Peter Pan returned to visit Wendy. He was accompanied by a jealous little fairy named Tinker Bell. Wendy was very happy; she introduced them both to her younger brother. Peter Pan told them all about Neverland, a world full of wonders. He also would like to invite them to go and stay at Neverland. Wendy and her brother were happy about that invitation. They also agreed to go.

“Before you go you have to learn to fly first” asked Peter Pan. Wendy Darling and her brother were confused because they did not know how to fly. Then Tinker bell was helping them. She sprinkled magic dust toward Wendy and her brother. Finally, the three of them can fly. With the help of Peter pan, they came out of the window of the house to Neverland.

Wendy and her brothers stayed for a few weeks at Neverland. They lived with a bunch of missing children. They were children who were lost and never found again. There Wendy and her brothers played happily with them. The Lost Children asked Wendy to be their mother. Wendy could not refuse the request. Afterward, she became their caregivers. Wendy always tells a story to them before going to bed.

An evil pirate named captain hook looking for the presence of Peter Pan and the lost children. Captain hook is their enemy in Neverland. He was revenge against Peter Pan because he already cut his hand and gave it to crocodiles. The crocodile ate that hand and a clock belonging to captain hook. The clock kept ringing in the belly of the crocodile. That crocodile continued to follow him hook it continues wherever he went. For months, captain hooks looked for their hiding place. After a long time, he finally discovered the hiding place. Then he began to make plans to catch them.

After so long cared by Wendy Darling, the lost children began to feel nostalgic with a real family. Wendy also invited them all to stay with her in real world. They were very happy and wanted to go with Wendy. Eventually they all asked Peter Pan to let them go into the real world. At first Peter Pan refused, but after they forced he allowed them. He asked Tinker Bell to make way to real world. Wendy also invited Peter Pan to go, “Come with us!” “No I will not ever go out of this world and become adult” said Peter Pan. He was going to leave them.

When Wendy and the lost children were about to go to the real world, captain hook was coming. He kidnapped them to his ship. Tinker Bell who survived told Peter Pan, “Peter, Wendy and the others have been kidnapped by Captain Hook!” Tinker Bell said. Peter Pan was shocked, “I have to save them!” said Peter Pan.

Peter Pan flew very quickly into a pirate ship to save them. Above the ships, Peter Pan saw they were tied. With its intelligence, Peter Pan made a sound like a clock rang. The sound made the whole crew frightened. They thought that it was crocodile who wanted to attack them anymore. One by one, the crew went to jump into the water. Then Peter pan jumped on board to attack remain crew. Finally Peter Pan managed to release Wendy and the lost children. Realizing he had been duped, captain hooks out and attacked Peter Pan. Then fierce battle happened between them. They were clashing their swords on board. Peter Pan pushed captain hook fell into the sea and then captain hook eaten by a crocodile that was waiting for him in the sea. Finally they all survived from captain hook.

The missing children changed their minds. They wanted to stay in Neverland with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Then Peter Pan was escorted Wendy and her brothers returned to the real world. Once safely home, Wendy asked Peter Pan to stay with them. But Peter Pan still rejected it. He promised to visit Wendy again someday.



Long time ago there lived a married couple. They were very lonely because they did not have children who accompanied them. Every day the couple prayed to god to be given a child. Until one day his wife was pregnant. Her husband was very happy and the days they turned into happiness. One day his wife fell ill. She suffered a strange illness. So many times, her husband treated her but she was still sick. The husband also confused his wife was getting worse. Even she did not want to eat and drink. “You have to eat a lot so that our children healthy!” said her husband. “I cannot eat any food” replied his wife.

The husband thought that deep in the forest there was a magical flower that can cure all diseases guarded by a witch. Because of his love for his wife, he went to the forest. After arriving in the woods, he crept to take the flowers. When she was picking the flowers that were in the midst of garden, the witch knew. She was furious and wanted to kill him. “Please do not kill me. My pregnant wife was sick. If I did not give this magical flower she and my baby will die “the husband said. Finally the witch let him go, but with one condition when the baby was born, he had to give the baby. Without thinking, her husband agreed.

When he got home, he gave the magic flower to his wife. Then his wife’s illness miraculously disappeared and she born a beautiful baby. When the baby was born, the witch came. She robbed the baby and took him away. They could not do anything about it.

The witch was holding their baby at a very high tower with no doors. The tower only has a window in it. Witch was raising the child in the tower and named her Rapunzel. Rapunzel grew into a beautiful girl. Her hair which was never cut became very long. The witch was always coming to the tower to bring food. She always called him from below, “Rapunzel let your hair down”. She used her hair as a rope to climb the tall tower.

Rapunzel stayed on top of the tower alone even she never saw human except that witch. She had a very beautiful voice so that her days were spent to sing. One day, a handsome prince passed the tower. He heard Rapunzel singing so beautifully. He fell in love with her voice. The prince came to the tower every day to hear Rapunzel sing. One day, the prince saw a witch climbed the tower using Rapunzel hair.

The next day, the prince tried to climb the tower. She called Rapunzel. “Rapunzel let down your hair” he said. The prince climbed to the top of the tower. Having reached the top, Rapunzel surprised that the one who came is not witch but others. They both met each other until they become lovers. The prince told everything to Rapunzel and Invited Rapunzel to escape. However, when they wanted to escape, the wicked witch came and pushed the prince of the top tower so that he was blind.

The witch was very angry. She cut Rapunzel’s hair and discarded her into the faraway desert. The prince who was blind looked for Rapunzel for years. He walked alone and finally reached the desert. One day, he heard a voice he knew singing. The prince realized that it was the voice of Rapunzel. Eventually they both met again. They hugged and cried with joy until Rapunzel’s tears fell to the eye of prince. Then the prince got his sight back. Afterwards the prince brought Rapunzel to his kingdom and they lived happily ever after.


The honest boy

Once upon a time, there was an old king who was very sad because he did not have a boy as a successor to his throne. The king finally decided to adopt a son who will be a prince. Then the king held an announcement to all the boys in his kingdom that he was looking for someone to be adopted as his son. All the boys in the country got together to meet the king. The king became confused because there were many boys proposed themselves as a potential prince. Then he thought so hard to find the boy who deserves to be a prince. Finally, the king got an idea. He distributed seeds to all the boys. Then he said that anyone who could grow the seeds into beautiful flowers would become the prince.

All the boys in the country planted and cared the seeds carefully. Including a boy named Yong Tu, he planted that seed well. He also watered and gave fertilizer to the seed every day. But after some time, he wondered why the seed didn’t grow into a plant. He was almost disappointed at the condition. One of his friends named Park Ha came and asked, “Why do not your seeds grow into a plant?” “I do not know. I had taken care of the seed well.” Answer Yong Tu. Park Ha mocked him and showed his seed that grows into a beautiful flower. “Mine has grown and has a beautiful flower. I will be the successor of this kingdom “said Park Ha with arrogant.

Shortly after that, the election of the prince arrived. All the boys in the country lined up and wore their best clothes. They also carried pots containing plant with beautiful flowers. Then the king approached them one by one to choose his successor candidate. But the king was very sad when he saw all the boys brought plants with beautiful flowers. When he almost disappointed, the king saw a boy in the back row, holding an empty flower pots.

The king approached the boy and asked, “Why are you carrying a pot that no plant flowers?” “I maintain the seed that I sowed every day, but it did not germinate at all.” The boy replied and cried. Then the king smiled at him. “This is my adopted son who will be a prince” said the king to the people. All the boys were shocked. They asked the king, “Why did my lord choose the boy without flower? Did not you want a child who can grow the most beautiful flower? “

“I shared you the seed that has been boiled. Those seeds should not grow into plants. “The king answered. They were all embarrassed with the king. In fact, the king didn’t want the boy who could grow the most beautiful flowers. He chose someone who is honest. All the boys in the country replaced the seeds given by the king to another seeds. However Yong Tu didn’t do that because he was honest. Therefore the king chose him as the prince.

Beauty and The Beast

In a village in France, There lived an old scientist named Maurice. He lived with his daughter named Belle. Belle was the most beautiful girl in the village so that every man in village loved her very much. Including Gaston, he was a much feared men in the village. Belle was very happy to sing and read. She always spends his time in the library to read books. Her favorite book was one of the fairytale about a prince who is cursed.

One day Maurice went out of the city along with his horse named Philip. However, in the middle of the trip, they got lost and were attacked by a wolf pack. Philip felt scared so he jumped very high. Maurice who is in his shoulder was falling while Philip escaped. Maurice was fear. He ran aimlessly. Then he arrived at a very old castle. It looked very creepy but he still entered the old castle. The castle was occupied by a monster named Beast and residents who were strange objects which were alive. Then Maurice was arrested and put in prison.

Philip who managed to escape from the wolf returned to the house. Belle was worried because Maurice was not come back with Philip. She immediately looked for his father in the woods alone. Belle searched in the woods until she arrived at an old castle. She entered the castle and found her father held there. When Belle entered the castle, all the inhabitants of the castle were very happy. They drove Belle to her father. The Beast knew it and became angry. With braveness Belle was offered herself to replace her father, who was arrested if he released her father. Finally Beast released Maurice but Belle Stayed in the castle.

At first Belle disliked Beast who was rude and grumpy. Even Belle tried to escape from the castle because Beast scolded her. Belle who escaped from the castle was attacked by wolves in the jungle but she was saved by Beast that went up with her. Beast got injured in a fight with the wolves then he brought Belle back to the palace. After arriving at the palace, Belle treated the wounded beast. Day after day passed, relationship between Beast and Belle were better. They became a friend and eventually fell love each other. However, Beast was afraid to express his love. He was afraid of Belle will reject him because he was a monster. At the time when Beast wanted to confess his feelings, Belle saw her father was sick through the magic mirror. She asked the Beast to meet his father. With unwillingness, Beast let her go.

Once Bell returned to the village, Belle was forced to marry Gaston. But Belle rejected it. Gaston knew that Belle had fallen in love with a monster in the castle in the woods. Belle and her father were imprisoned in the basement at Belle’s home. Gaston incited all the villagers to attack the castle and kill the occupants. He said that they were very dangerous and the castle should be destroyed. The residents who had instigated by Gaston agreed. They went to the castle to hunt Beast but Belle and Maurice managed to escape from the basement. They immediately went to the castle.

Gaston and the villagers had managed to enter the castle. They attacked all of inhabitants of the castle. Beast who was angry attacked Gaston. But when he would kill Gaston, the Beast did not continue its actions and released him. However, Gaston stabbed the beast from the back. At that time Belle came and saw the Beast who was severely injured. Seeing Belle came, Beast became excited back. Gaston tried to attack him back. However Beast deftly dodged Gaston then Gaston fell from the top of the castle and died.

Beast was seriously injured and no longer able to survive. Just as the last strands of magic rose fell, Beast stopped breathing. Belle was crying hysterically. She shouted and said she loved the Beast. Suddenly a miracle occurred. The curse on the castle disappeared. The Scary castle was transformed into a beautiful palace, all its inhabitants turned into humans and the Beast turned back into a handsome and dashing prince. The curse was gone because of Belle’s sincere love to Beast. Finally, Beast and Belle married and lived happily ever after.

The Story of Ferdinand

Once upon a time in Spain there was a little bull and his name was Ferdinand. All the other little bulls he lived with would run and jump and butt their heads together, but not Ferdinand. He liked to sit just quietly and smell the flowers. He had a favorite spot out in the pasture under a cork tree. It was his favorite tree and he would sit in its shade all day and smell the flowers.

Sometimes his mother, who was a cow, would worry about him.  She was afraid he would be lonesome all by himself. “Why don’t you run and play with the other little bulls and skip and butt your head?” she would say. But Ferdinand would shake his head.  “I like it better here where I can sit just quietly and smell the flowers.”

His mother saw that he was not lonesome, and because she was an understanding mother, even though she was a cow, she let him just sit  there and be happy.

As the years went by Ferdinand grew and grew until he was very big and strong. All the other bulls who had grown up with him in the same pasture would fight each other all day.  They would butt each other and stick each other with their horns.  What they wanted most of all was to be picked to fight at the bill fights in Madrid.

But not Ferdinand–he still liked to sit just quietly under the cork tree and smell the flowers.

One day five men came in very funny hats to pick the biggest, fastest roughest bull to fight in the bull fights in Madrid. All the other bulls ran around snorting and butting, leaping and jumping so the men would think that they were very very strong and fierce and pick them.

Ferdinand knew that they wouldn’t pick him and he didn’t care.  So he went out to his favorite cork tree to sit down. He didn’t look where he was sitting and instead of sitting on the nice cool grass in the shade he sat on a bumble bee.

Well, if you were a bumble bee and a bull sat on you what would you do?  You would sting him.  And that is just what this bee did to Ferdinand. Wow!  Did it hurt!  Ferdinand jumped up with a snort.  he ran around puffing and snorting, butting and pawing the ground as if he were crazy. The five men saw him and they all shouted with joy.  here was the largest and fiercest bull of all.  Just the one for the bull fights in Madrid!

So they took him away for the bullfight day in a cart. What a day it was!  Flags were flying, bands were playing… and all the lovely ladies had flowers in their hair. They had a parade into the bull ring.

First came the Banderilleros with long sharp pins with ribbons on them to stick in the bull and make him mad. Next came the Picadores who rode skinny horses and they  had long spears to stick in the bull and make him madder. Then came the Matador, the proudest of all–he thought he was very handsome, and bowed to the ladies.  He had a red cape and a sword and was supposed to stick the bull last of all. Then came the bull, and you know who that was don’t you?

They called him Ferdinand the Fierce and all of the Banderilleros  were afraid of him and the Picadores were afraid of him and the Matador was scared stiff. Ferdinand ran to the middle of the ring and everyone shouted and clapped because they thought he was going to fight fiercely and butt and snort and stick his horns around.

But not Ferdinand.  When he got to the middle of the ring he saw the flowers in all the lovely ladies’ hair and he just sat down quietly and smelled. He wouldn’t fight and be fierce no matter what they did.  He just sat and smelled.  And the Banderilleros were mad and the Picadores were madder and the Matador was so mad he cried because he couldn’t show off with his cape and sword. So they had to take Ferdinand home. And for all I know he is sitting there still, under his favorite cork tree, smelling the flowers just quietly. He is very happy.

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Baca Cerita Ini Dalam Versi Bahasa Indonesia

The Hares and the Frogs

The Hares and the Frogs

The Hares were treated badly by other animals, and they did not know where to go. Whenever they saw a single animal approach them, they run. One day, the Hares saw a group of wild horses running around. In quite a panic, the Hares ran off to a lake nearby. They thought that they would rather drown themselves than live in such fear. But when the Hares got near the bank of the lake, a group of frogs suddenly jumped into the water, because they were frightened by the approach of the Hares. One of the Hares stopped, then said “Things are not as bad as they seem, there’s always someone in worse trouble.”

A fable by : Aesop

Terjemahan dalam bahasa Indonesia:
Para Terwelu diperlakukan dengan buruk oleh binatang-binatang lainnya dan mereka merasa sangat ketakutan. Setiap mereka melihat ada binatang lain yang mendekat, mereka lari. Pada suatu hari, para Terwelu melihat ada sekelompok kuda liar yang berlarian mendekati mereka. Para Terwelu panik, kemudian berlari ke arah sebuah danau yang letaknya tidak terlalu jauh. Mereka berpikir bahwa lebih baik mereka mati tenggelam daripada harus merasa ketakutan terus-menerus. Tapi, saat mereka sampai di tepi danau, mereka melihat ada sekelompok Katak yang tiba-tiba loncat masuk ke air. Rupanya para Katak tersebut ketakutan melihat para Terwelu yang berlarian mendekati mereka. Salah satu Terwelu kemudian berhenti dan berkata “Ternyata keadaan tidak seburuk yang kita bayangkan. Selalu ada hewan lain dengan permasalahan yang lebih parah.

Cerita fabel ini karya Aesop

Informasi Menarik Mengenai Hare (Terwelu) dan Rabbit (Kelinci)
Banyak yang beranggapan bahwa Terwelu (Hare) sama dengan Kelinci (Rabbit). Padahal, ada banyak perbedaan di antara kedua jenis binatang tersebut. Misalnya, Terwelu biasanya lebih besar dari Kelinci, dan mempunyai kaki belakang yang lebih panjang.


Rabbit atau Kelinci


Terwelu atau Hare

The Golden Goose

There was a man who had three sons. Most people consider his youngest son very silly, and they often mock and make fun of him. One day the eldest son was going to the forest to cut wood. Before he left, his mother prepared delicious pancakes and a bottle of wine for his journey, so he will not suffer from hunger or thirst.

When the eldest son entered the forest, he met a gray old man. The old man greeted him politely. “Good-morning,” said the old man. “Please give me some food and something to drink, because I am very hungry and thirsty.”

The clever son replied: “No. If I give you my cake and wine, I will not have any for myself. So go away!” He left the man standing and went on.

The eldest son began cutting down a tree. But then, somehow he made a false stroke. His axe slipped and cut his arm so badly. He had no other choice than to go home and have his injury taken care of.

The following day, the second son also wanted to go into the forest to cut wood. So his mother gave him a delicious cake and a bottle of wine. When he entered the wood, he met the same old man. The old man begged for a little piece of cake and some wine because he was hungry and thirsty. The second son answered very rudely: “No. I want these for myself, so go away!”


The Cat and the Mouse

A naughty cat bit a mouse’s tail off.

“Cat, please give me my tail back,” said the mouse. “No,” said the cat, “If you want me to give you your tail, you must go to the cow and get some milk for me first.”

The mouse leapt, and ran to find the cow. The mouse came to the cow, and said, “Cow, please give me milk, so I can give it to cat, so cat will give me my tail back.”

“No,” answered the cow, “If you want me to give you some milk, you have to go to the farmer and get some hay for me first.”

The mouse leapt, and then she ran, till she came to the farmer. “Farmer, please give me hay so I can give it to cow, so cow will give me milk, so I can give the milk to cat, so cat will give me my tail back,” said the mouse.

 “No,” answered the farmer, “If you want me to give you hay, you must go to the butcher and get some meat for me first.”

Again, the mouse leapt, and then she ran, to the butcher. “Butcher, please give me meat, so I can give farmer meat, so farmer will give me hay, so I can give cow hay, so cow will give me milk, so I can give cat milk, so cat will give me my own tail again.”

“No,” answered the butcher, “If you want to me to give you meat, you must go to the baker and get some bread for me first.”

The mouse leapt, and then she ran, to the baker. “Baker, please give me bread, so I can give butcher bread, so butcher will give me meat, so I can give farmer meat, so farmer will give me hay, so I can give cow hay, so cow will give me milk, so I can give cat milk, so cat will give me my tail back.”

“Sure,” said the baker, “Here’s some bread, but if you ever eat my meal, I will punish you.”

Then the baker gave mouse bread, and mouse gave butcher bread, and butcher gave mouse meat, and mouse gave farmer meat, and farmer gave mouse hay, and mouse gave cow hay, and cow gave mouse milk, and mouse gave cat milk, and cat gave mouse her own tail again.

By Joseph Jacobs

Source :

Rewritten and simplified by Dwi.

The Sweet Porridge

There was a poor but pious little girl who lived alone with her mother. One day they no longer had anything to eat. So the little girl went into the forest, and there she met an old woman. The old woman knew of the little girl’s sorrow, and presented her with a little pot, which when she said, “Little pot, cook,” would cook good, sweet millet porridge. Then when she said, ” Little pot, stop,” the little pot stopped cooking.

The girl took the pot home to her mother, and now they were freed from their poverty and hunger. They were able to ate sweet porridge as often as they want. One day the little girl had gone out. At home, her mother said to the little pot, “Little pot, cook.” The little pot did cook, and she ate until she was full. Then, she wanted the pot to stop cooking, but did not know the word. So the little pot went on cooking and the porridge rose over the edge, and still it cooked on until the kitchen and whole house were full, and then the next house, and then the whole street, just as if it wanted to satisfy the hunger of the whole world.

It was terrible, and no one knew how to stop it. At last when only one single house remained, the little girl came home and just said, “Little pot, stop,” and the little pot stopped cooking. Anyone who wished to return to the town that day had to eat his way back.

By : Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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Dongeng anak berbahasa Inggris ini sudah diedit oleh admin supaya lebih mudah untuk dimengerti.

Sweet Porridge : Bubur manis

Pious : Beriman

Little Pot : Panci kecil

Poverty : Kemiskinan

Hunger : Kelaparan