Beauty and The Beast

In a village in France, There lived an old scientist named Maurice. He lived with his daughter named Belle. Belle was the most beautiful girl in the village so that every man in village loved her very much. Including Gaston, he was a much feared men in the village. Belle was very happy to sing and read. She always spends his time in the library to read books. Her favorite book was one of the fairytale about a prince who is cursed.

One day Maurice went out of the city along with his horse named Philip. However, in the middle of the trip, they got lost and were attacked by a wolf pack. Philip felt scared so he jumped very high. Maurice who is in his shoulder was falling while Philip escaped. Maurice was fear. He ran aimlessly. Then he arrived at a very old castle. It looked very creepy but he still entered the old castle. The castle was occupied by a monster named Beast and residents who were strange objects which were alive. Then Maurice was arrested and put in prison.

Philip who managed to escape from the wolf returned to the house. Belle was worried because Maurice was not come back with Philip. She immediately looked for his father in the woods alone. Belle searched in the woods until she arrived at an old castle. She entered the castle and found her father held there. When Belle entered the castle, all the inhabitants of the castle were very happy. They drove Belle to her father. The Beast knew it and became angry. With braveness Belle was offered herself to replace her father, who was arrested if he released her father. Finally Beast released Maurice but Belle Stayed in the castle.

At first Belle disliked Beast who was rude and grumpy. Even Belle tried to escape from the castle because Beast scolded her. Belle who escaped from the castle was attacked by wolves in the jungle but she was saved by Beast that went up with her. Beast got injured in a fight with the wolves then he brought Belle back to the palace. After arriving at the palace, Belle treated the wounded beast. Day after day passed, relationship between Beast and Belle were better. They became a friend and eventually fell love each other. However, Beast was afraid to express his love. He was afraid of Belle will reject him because he was a monster. At the time when Beast wanted to confess his feelings, Belle saw her father was sick through the magic mirror. She asked the Beast to meet his father. With unwillingness, Beast let her go.

Once Bell returned to the village, Belle was forced to marry Gaston. But Belle rejected it. Gaston knew that Belle had fallen in love with a monster in the castle in the woods. Belle and her father were imprisoned in the basement at Belle’s home. Gaston incited all the villagers to attack the castle and kill the occupants. He said that they were very dangerous and the castle should be destroyed. The residents who had instigated by Gaston agreed. They went to the castle to hunt Beast but Belle and Maurice managed to escape from the basement. They immediately went to the castle.

Gaston and the villagers had managed to enter the castle. They attacked all of inhabitants of the castle. Beast who was angry attacked Gaston. But when he would kill Gaston, the Beast did not continue its actions and released him. However, Gaston stabbed the beast from the back. At that time Belle came and saw the Beast who was severely injured. Seeing Belle came, Beast became excited back. Gaston tried to attack him back. However Beast deftly dodged Gaston then Gaston fell from the top of the castle and died.

Beast was seriously injured and no longer able to survive. Just as the last strands of magic rose fell, Beast stopped breathing. Belle was crying hysterically. She shouted and said she loved the Beast. Suddenly a miracle occurred. The curse on the castle disappeared. The Scary castle was transformed into a beautiful palace, all its inhabitants turned into humans and the Beast turned back into a handsome and dashing prince. The curse was gone because of Belle’s sincere love to Beast. Finally, Beast and Belle married and lived happily ever after.